Gulf Wars

illum_we had the honour of traveling to Gulf Wars with their Majesties and it was truly a fantastic time.  It was a great break from the snow and ice. While it did rain for the first day of fighting the weather was a very agreeable 25 degrees most days. For such a large event the atmosphere was surprisingly laid back and relaxed.

The fighting scenarios were all really interesting.  We got to fight over a fort, there was a ravine battle that added some different elements to the mix and of course a field battle and everyone certainly had their fill of fighting.

There were a plethora of classes from Lampwork to Blacksmthing to the Germanic Migration Triggers. There was almost a class for any interest and topic; you would be hard pressed to claim boredom at any point in the day.

Of course who could forget the great company? We had over a dozen Septentrians make the long trip south and were promptly recruited into the Ealdormere Cavalry. It is a long trip, but with everything there is to do and the atmosphere of the event I would absolutely recommend making the trip at least once, then you'll be hooked.

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