Winter 2015 Ursus


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Baronial Candidate edition of the Ursus


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Summer 2014 Ursus


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Baronial Muster

War is inevitable and soon we depart for the debatable lands. 

Our Thegn and Bannthegn call those loyal to Septentria to arm themselves and gather in their Canton of Caer Draeth on the 12th day of July. War is coming to the debatable lands, and on this day we will hone our martial skills and prepare to march to battle as a Barony.

This gathering of Septentria's might will be held after the marriage of our dear friends Conall MacEarnan and Johanna Hearst at the Snow Valley Ski Resort in Midhurst.  MAP LINK  Personal presences are encouraged as there is plenty of room to display your splendor.  The ceremony is at 11:00 after which we will arm ourselves.  Fighting will start at 12:00 and end promptly at 4:00.

THL Hans Thorvaldsson
Huscarl to Grom, Thegn of Septentria

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Spring 2014 Ursus


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Septentrian Huskarl

As the snow becomes naught but a memory and the grass and trees return to their former splendor the fresh breeze of spring fills our sails but also brings with it a waft of something else… Camaraderie and battle… Maybe with a hint of heroic deeds, fireside tales and a slight undertone of chaos.  Which can only mean that melee season is upon us.

Since I'm splitting my time between Armoured and Rapier combat I'm happy to announce THL Hans Thorvaldsson has accepted my offer to be my Huskarl.  As my Huskarl Hans will be responsible for organizing baronial fight practices and leading Septentria's armoured troops into battle.

I would ask that all armoured combatants that would rally to Septentria's banners contact THL Hans ( and watch for upcoming practices.


Grom, Thegn of Septentria

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Gulf Wars

illum_we had the honour of traveling to Gulf Wars with their Majesties and it was truly a fantastic time.  It was a great break from the snow and ice. While it did rain for the first day of fighting the weather was a very agreeable 25 degrees most days. For such a large event the atmosphere was surprisingly laid back and relaxed.

The fighting scenarios were all really interesting.  We got to fight over a fort, there was a ravine battle that added some different elements to the mix and of course a field battle and everyone certainly had their fill of fighting.

There were a plethora of classes from Lampwork to Blacksmthing to the Germanic Migration Triggers. There was almost a class for any interest and topic; you would be hard pressed to claim boredom at any point in the day.

Of course who could forget the great company? We had over a dozen Septentrians make the long trip south and were promptly recruited into the Ealdormere Cavalry. It is a long trip, but with everything there is to do and the atmosphere of the event I would absolutely recommend making the trip at least once, then you'll be hooked.

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Winter 2014 Ursus

The Ursus - Winter 2014


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Award Recommendation

If you have an award recommendation you would like to make, you can submit it via the online award submission form.

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Septentrian Baronial Investiture

Photo courtesy of Jackie Wyatt


Their Excellencies enjoying 
effigies of themselves



The Septentrian Baronial Investiture event was held in Lindsay, ON on April 21. The focus of the morning court was the retirement of Their Excellencies Percival and Christiana, and the investiture of their successors, Their Excellencies Grom and Anneke. In a simple yet moving ceremony, Percival and Christiana released their retainers and champions, and then to a haunting song sung by THL Asa Gormsdottir, Their Majesties Quilliam and Dagmar took back the baronial coronets. Percival and Christiana than swore fealty as members of the populace and commended to Their Majesties THL Grom and Lady Anneke before retiring from the hall.

The investiture itself began with words from Master Hector, Pelican to THL Grom, and Her Highness Rylyn, Pelican to Lady Anneke, commending their qualities to Their Majesties. They then promised to take up the burden of the Coronets in exchange for fealty as well as certain privileges such as taxation. Our new Baron and Baroness were invested with the ancestral coronets once worn by Aedan and Kaffa and the much newer baronial cloaks, before swearing fealty to Their Majesties and making covenant with the people of Septentria to rule with honesty and integrity. With the new Baron and Baroness safely sitting the High Seats, court was suspended for the day's activities.

Multiple tournaments were conducted for armoured combat, rapier, and youth combat, with one of the list fields being taken over by dancers later in the afternoon. A tasty lunch was provided by Baroness Anne. A number of artisans displayed bear-themed works on the A&S display table, and the afternoon was capped by the auction, conducted by Baron Gunther, which raised $501 for the Septentrian travel fun. THL Percival and THL Christiana (who were not yet again Excellencies) received guests during the afternoon. Many gifts were given, including the memory book assembled by THL Asa.

Evening court saw Their Excellencies' first awards–Golden Bears to THL Lucrece and Lady Kat, who had made their investiture clothing. Their Majesties also bestowed Court Baronies on Percival and Christiana, who then swore an oath of fealty as Barons of Court. Lady Lyda was also presented with a 250 lb scroll in recognition of being added to the Order of the Wain, and THL Augustyn was made a member of the Order of the Crucible.

Dinner ensued quickly thereafter, starting with delicacies of the Middle East followed by more Norse fare. Lord Hans kept the menu simple but filling. While every dish was a delight, nothing produced such sounds of pleasure as the smoked chickens. The evening was crowned by the sailing of the Great Bear of the North, a sugarpaste longship (where everything but the masts and string was edible). The sugarpaste was the work of THL Medb, with shields with the devices of all the Barons and Baronesses of Septentria being painted by various members of Eoforwic. Solid chocolate bears dressed as our new Baron and Baroness and crafted by Lady Jocelyn rode in the ship. The evening concluded with dancing coordinated by Lady Rosalyne.

While the hosting group was Eoforwic, members of every Septentrian canton were involved in some way in running the event. Special thanks go to Petrea Thule and Countess Adrielle in particular for booking the hall, helping with setup, and loaning of tablecloths, pitchers, and candle lanterns.

Reporting by:
Magistra Nicolaa de Brachton of Leicester

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