The Glorious Cantons of Septentria!

Baroness Wencenedl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg wrote an excellent history of the names of Septentrias Cantons.


Canton of Ardchreag

Scarborough and East, South East Markham

Seneschal of Ardchreag

Lord Hans Thorvaldson

Canton of Beremere

Barrie and surrounding area

Seneschal of Beremere

Lady Robyn O’Connor

Canton of Eoforwic

Downtown Toronto

Seneschal of Eoforwic

Mistress Mebd

Canton of Vest Yorvik

Mississauga and surrounding area

Seneschal of Vest Yorvik

THL Roselyne de l’Estrangere (Sue Kronenfeld)

(905) 849-8659

Canton of Monadh

Orangeville and surrounding area

Seneschal of Monadh

Lady Emma Dansmeyla


Canton of Petrea Thule

Peterborough and surrounding area

Seneschal of Petrea Thule

HL Brendan Hunterston​

Petrea Thule on Facebook

Canton of Skeldergate

North York and Western Markham

Seneschal of Skeldergate

Baroness Anneke the Furious





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