Septentrian Huskarl

As the snow becomes naught but a memory and the grass and trees return to their former splendor the fresh breeze of spring fills our sails but also brings with it a waft of something else… Camaraderie and battle… Maybe with a hint of heroic deeds, fireside tales and a slight undertone of chaos.  Which can only mean that melee season is upon us.

Since I'm splitting my time between Armoured and Rapier combat I'm happy to announce THL Hans Thorvaldsson has accepted my offer to be my Huskarl.  As my Huskarl Hans will be responsible for organizing baronial fight practices and leading Septentria's armoured troops into battle.

I would ask that all armoured combatants that would rally to Septentria's banners contact THL Hans ( and watch for upcoming practices.


Grom, Thegn of Septentria

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