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Successors chosen!

A Message from Their Majesties and Their Highnesses: The Royal Family honours the will of the People of Septentria, and the people have selected Dafydd and Mahild as the next Baron and Baroness of Septentria. In Service,… Kersteken

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Baronial Muster

War is inevitable and soon we depart for the debatable lands.  Our Thegn and Bannthegn call those loyal to Septentria to arm themselves and gather in their Canton of Caer Draeth on the 12th day of July. War is coming … Continue reading

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Septentrian Huskarl

As the snow becomes naught but a memory and the grass and trees return to their former splendor the fresh breeze of spring fills our sails but also brings with it a waft of something else… Camaraderie and battle… Maybe … Continue reading

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