THL Emma Dansmeyla elevated to the Order of the Laurel

THL Emma Dansmeyla was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Step Sprightly in the Canton of Vest Yorvik on February 18. After a grand procession of nearly everyone in attendance into TRM Quilliam and Dagmar's presence, several dances took place before Their Majesties summoned Mistress Rosina, who begged the boon for her apprentice Emma. The vigilant danced her way into court accompanied by Master Martin and THL Darius, and Mistress Rosina, Mistress Keja, Viscountess Heitha, and Mistress Alina of Foxwood from the Middle Kingdom all spoke on her behalf. She was presented with the hereditary Laurel ring of Ealdormere, the medallion Mistress Rosina had received from her Laurel, Master Sion, and a leather book bag as tokens of her estate. She will henceforth be known as Meistres Emma Danskenslukona.

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